While NATO has its »military exercise» in Aegean Sea and in general all the seas that it wants to give a message, Russia is closing Alliances.

Of course NATO can have a war….with Russia and be a winner...But is that for a FACT?

So why the hecc all this trouble …Well if someone is to be asked are the film makers of Hollywood since they give the first clue..and a show off must been done so as PS.O. might give to west a point of what happens in Putins head.

So lets go Back. NATO is having a naval exercise were , they thought, is the weak point of Russia …. and

Russia considers Pakistan as a natural ally but it has taken a long time to align with Russia. For the first time in history, Pakistan and Russia are coming closer by developing a strategic partnership, and extending cooperation to every sphere aimed at establishing people to people contacts. Once Pakistan was the ally of the United States, but now the regional situation has been changed as Islamabad has tilted towards Moscow. This new alignment came after Pakistan’s decision to boost full scale strategic partnership with its neighbor, and long-time friend China, by ignoring US warnings.

Meanwhile on the world stage, China is the strategic partner of Russia. That is the main reason for Pakistan’s closeness with Russia. The history of South Asia has witnessed that America has tried to unite Pakistan and India to counter China, but Pakistan’s timely decision to leave the American camp has changed the whole geopolitical jigsaw in the region. India meanwhile has opted for a policy to counter China and confront Pakistan through an alignment with America and its Western allies.

Russia – the strategic partner of China – came forward to South Asia to defuse America’s dirty game against its partner China. Therefore Russia has accelerated its “Friendship-Druzhba” diplomacy towards South Asian rivals; India and Pakistan aim to resolve Indo-Pak disputes and repair the damages this region was subjected to by the west. While Western powers attempt to isolate Russia with NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe, this provided an opportunity for Russia to establish strategic partnerships with Asian nations.

Russia’s multipolar approach has engaged world nations for the betterment of a multipolar world through minimizing unipolar world hegemony.

Changing the region: Pakistan-Russia Alignment Shapes Regional Friendship

This Russian effort has focused on nations around the world for a global security mechanism, through bypassing the unipolar power.

Moscow’s intimacy with Islamabad is also the part of Russia’s multipolar strategy towards South Asian nations, but unfortunately New Delhi felt resentful about this new approach of Russia, as it is historically the one of closest allies of Moscow. The fact is that India under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears as an ally of the USA as both countries have signed a military logistics pact. Modi’s shift towards the anti-China camp is the result of American corporate sector investment. Therefore, for the first time India has given-up the non-alignment principle of its foreign policy. While under Modi’s regime, the anti-Russian lobby funded by the US corporate defence sector came in power within the Indian establishment. This lobby has worked vigorously in India to prove that Russian defence technology as faulty by nature. Many believe that this lobby is behind the technological disasters in the Indian arms sector with the aim to replace Russian technology. The Indian defence deals with the USA and its western allies under Modi’s government are evidence of it, hence why Russia has lifted its arms embargo over Pakistan.

At the same time the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) may have a lasting impact on regional maritime activities and significantly enhance the economic importance of the Indian Ocean, the chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy, Muhammad Zakaullah, said opening the International Maritime Conference in Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday.

«The goal which these drills pursue is largely clear. They are probably aimed at diverting attention away from Donbass, a target of mass shelling. But in general they are meant to generate tensions over Crimea and Donbass. They are also aimed at upping the ante in hopes that Russia will adversely respond to Kiev’s statements,» he said.

In relation to the above since Ukraine is still on fire .Kiev plans to carry out military exercises in Kherson Oblast, bordering Crimea. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko described the initiative as a «clear provocation,» saying that these war-games present a «military threat» to Russia.

Not to forget in all these that Turkey is playing always the role of the stupid that is useful so as to put the blame on, when needed. So for that reason and for Erdogans arrogance he make the Turkish referendum on constitutional changes, envisaging transition to a presidential form of governance, will take place on April 16, Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK)

it approved a batch of constitutional amendments that would boost presidential powers, including granting the president the ability to appoint some top judges and declare a state of emergency.

So in conclusion , as for me …by the time NATO plays the sleeping beauty making parades so as to persuade that it still been capable to deal with a war.  The real powers of economy and  strategical positions have made the spider nest so tide to its neck where NATO don’t stand a chance if wants to play it like Rambo.They are dead although still breathing….
Unless they want a world war in which probably will end up  as Vietnam did for the Americans…Of course not the Vietnam played in Hollywood the real one…